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OTN Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is committed to building core technologies around "new sensing, new IoT, new computing, and new AI" in the new digital era, and using new technologies to solve the pain and difficulties of the industry. From the basic core technologies such as core photonic chip sensors, trusted Internet of Things based on 5G&F5G, industry-based digital twin models and smart algorithms to smart environmental protection (water), smart parks, smart factories and other typical industry applications Provide full-stack digital solutions to help the industry customers successfully realized digital transformation.
Smart environmental protection…
In order to realize the sustainable deve…
Smart manufacturing
Using 5g / F5G network, advanced sensors…
Smart Park
Smart park is the use of Internet of thi…
Smart Water
Industrial Internet and big data analysi…
Enterprise-side solid waste and hazardous waste standardized management terminal
Enterprise-side solid waste and hazardous waste standardized management terminal
Production waste information (weight, production waste time...
Distributed intelligent odor monitoring micro-station
The distributed odor detection micro-station adopts micro-spectrum analysis technology, combined with 5G or F5G networking...
Using new technology to solve the industry's pain points and difficult problems
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